Put “Trust” in your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s January again so it must be time to make those New Year’s resolutions. We promise ourselves the same things every year: “I want to get healthy by taking regular exercise, perhaps loose a bit of weight, get out and discover some fascinating places, meet interesting people, help a charity, do something positive for the environment, learn new skills, and generally; be a better person”.

But why do we bother with these same old, annual promises when, every year, the same thing happens? January starts off well with the best of intentions; but we know, deep down, that all of these half-hearted plans will be forgotten about before the month is out.

But members of our volunteer group have no problem in achieving all of the above goals without it being any effort at all. And it’s no secret. Each week, we go to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of our natural environment and get stuck in to some really worthwhile projects.

Volunteers digging a pond

Practical tasks, such as digging ponds and cutting invasive scrub will work off all those extra calories consumed over the festive period. We are constantly benefiting the environment by collecting litter from the beach, improving habitats and planting trees which we can look back at with pride for years to come.

two volunteers planting a tree togethera volunteer planting a tree

We learn skills such as hedge laying, dry stone walling and enhance our wildlife identification. We meet some interesting and friendly people while discovering some hidden gems of countryside that we would otherwise pass by, completely unaware that it’s there.

Volunteers walling on Salt Island

So what are you waiting for? If you want the easiest, most enjoyable and rewarding way to keep your resolutions and improve your fitness and lifestyle, come and join our volunteer group. There will be no sweaty gyms, no tasteless celery sticks, no hard studying and not a single penny spent. Just fresh air, fun and a great sense of pride and satisfaction guaranteed.

You don't need to be able to walk on water to be a volunteer

You don’t need to be able to walk on water to be a volunteer

For information about joining the National Trust volunteer group contact Craig McCoy on 07776462537 or craig.mccoy@nationaltrust.org.uk


About National Trust Volunteer Group

We are a group of National Trust Countryside Wardens and Volunteers who regularly get together to do a number of interesting projects to inhance our countryside and wildlife. We spend most of our time around the internationally important site of Strangford Lough and some near by countryside sites. If you ever fancy joining us for a day out, you will be made most welcome.
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