Cubs Clean Up Nature Reserve

Although Strangford Lough is a Marine Nature Reserve, it unfortunately still gets treated like a rubbish dump by a large number of inconsiderate and thoughtless people.  Huge quantities of litter wash up on the shore, which is not only unsightly, but can also be harmful to wildlife (see the article “Strings Attached” posted on this blog on 10th January 2013).

Thankfully, the local pack members from the Ards and Ards District Cub-Scouts, take much more pride in loking after our natural environment.  Recently, 30 cubs joined the National Trust to collect litter from the shore of Strangford Lough.  With such an enthusiastic group, we soon collected a huge mound of rubbish.


As we collected it, we separated out any items that could be recycled, such as plastic bottles, glass and aluminium cans.  By the end of the day, we estimated that over half of what we collected was recyclable.

After cleaning the shore of all the plastic, glass and other litter, the cubs then took some time to enjoy the beach and explore for natural objects.  It didn’t take long to discover an abundance of shells, crabs and a myriad of other tiny creatures, lurking under the seaweed and hiding between the boulders.  It is really encouraging to see so many young people taking such an interest in our natural world and being so enthusiastic about looking after it.

Well done cubs.  You all did a brilliant job and definitely earned your environment badge.


About National Trust Volunteer Group

We are a group of National Trust Countryside Wardens and Volunteers who regularly get together to do a number of interesting projects to inhance our countryside and wildlife. We spend most of our time around the internationally important site of Strangford Lough and some near by countryside sites. If you ever fancy joining us for a day out, you will be made most welcome.
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